We offer variety of electronic payment solutions.

The prepaid card products include:

  • Closed Loop cards for use in specific retail stores and other outlets
  • Open Loop cards for use across retail stores and on any POS or ATM


  • Christmas Gift Card.
  • Season Gift Card
  • Birthday Gift Card
  • Wedding Gift Card
  • General Purpose Gift Card.


  • Reward cards for use by corporates as an alternative to non-cash gifts to high performing staff Travelers cards for use by travelers to and from Nigeria for use on any local or international POS or ATM Salary cards for remuneration to non-account holding salary earners.

In addition to the core business of prepaid cards, we will also offer ancillary and value added services, which include (but not limited to):

  • Brand placements and advertising on various card products
  • Personalisation of cards
  • Advisory services and consultancy on Closed Loop cards (to retail chains and

other outlets)