About Us

Who We Are



We commenced operation in Nigeria in October 2006 after business registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria and were registered as an agent of Virtual Money International- an American payment solution provider whose major product is the virtual money ATM card with the aim of building a cashless Nigeria and ‘de-elitise’ the usage of international e-payment services by providing affordable access to them using cutting edge technology and excellent management resources to add value to the average Nigerian. We are the first to launch independent international acceptable ATM/Debit Card in Nigeria.



We believe in honesty, integrity and we do our business in the fear of God and in service to humanity for the betterment of our society.



Our values are honesty, integrity and transparency. We shall discontinue with immediate effect every business relationship with any customer who engages in any fraudulent activity with any of our products. We shall willingly report such cases to the concerned law enforcement agencies.


Moneytronics (Nig) Ltd is a provider of e-commerce services where consumers connect with a wide array of specialized e-commerce and prepaid debit card products and services. Our goal is to help our customers find the most convenient cashless payment solutions, and other e-commerce services that best match their need.



We refuse to market products that prey, mislead, deceive or take advantage of our customers deliberately. Our goal is to help them, not exploit them. At the same time we endeavour to make our customers understand that there is accountability on their part to familiarize themselves with the products, opening procedures, documentation requirements and any special status requirements before they proceed with any application for any product with us. We shall keep all documents and information of our customers private and confidential.